Woodrow Wilson Marker Committee

wilson marker robhall

In 2015, a Trustee Committee was established to make recommendations on how the University should mark Woodrow Wilson’s legacy. One of its recommendations was that a permanent marker be installed at the Woodrow Wilson School for Public and International Affairs.

The Trustee Committee left open what the marker should be, suggesting it might consist of a plaque, an exhibition of historical materials, an artwork, or some combination of these elements.

A Marker Committee was formed, charged with:

  • collecting information about how other colleges and universities have created markers to render their history;
  • gathering suggestions via this website from the University community, including its alumni, about what this marker should look like; and
  • recommending a marker that educates the campus community and others about both the positive and negative dimensions of Wilson’s legacy.

The final product will be installed at Scudder Plaza, which is shown in the image above.

Please go to wilsonmarker.princeton.edu/share-your-thoughts to answer our survey about the type of marker the University should create.

For examples of historical markers go to wilsonmarker.princeton.edu/historical-markers.